Luxe Villa

The Brief: To Create several zones for entertaining, play, outside cooking and dining, following through themes from the interior and exterior renovation of the house.

The Solution: A palette of bronze, carbon and putty to connect with the luxurious renovation of the property. The garden wraps around the house with one side very shaded by protected mature trees. We created a boardwalk that traced a path through the trees flanked with tree ferns and ground cover plants to create a layered jungle feel. This leads to a firepit area surrounded by architectural planting to feel immersed in nature. A steel structure that echoes the architectural features of the terrace is a focal point when viewed from the house and bronze planters and laser cut screens matching the Crittall windows and doors further connect to the architecture and create interesting shadows and walls for a small courtyard space. Planting scheme of greens and white create a classic yet modern Japanese aesthetic.

What the client said