About Fuchsia Green

Fuchsia Green is led by director and principle designer Lisa Feurtado who is passionate about creating gardens that not only look beautiful but make you feel good. Lisa’s philosophy is to listen carefully to each client to understand their brief, she then draws on her excellent knowledge of soft and hard landscaping to produce bespoke design solutions based on the client’s preferences, the context of the property and any site constraints or problems to solve.

Fuchsia Green love to see your project unfold from the first enquiry right through to the finishing touches. Our services include consultation, 3D CAD design, planting plans, plant supply and installation. The following outlines the design process and how we will support you throughout.

Lisa Fuchisa Green Garden Design Whitstable
Garden Design Whitstable
Garden Design
Garden Design Whitstable
Garden Design Whitstable

The Design Process

1 Stage 1: Initial Consultation

Initial consultation where we will listen to your requirements and offer some advice and immediate thoughts. This will be followed up by a written design brief and an estimate for design fees. On your acceptance, we conduct a site survey and start the design process.
Garden Design Process Whitstable

2Stage 2: Design Proposal

Design proposal – A presentation of design ideas in the form of a 2d scaled plan showing a basic layout of your new garden, a 3d presentation illustrating perspective views and a mood board conveying the styling and inspiration of the design.

3Stage 3: Master Plan & Quote

Master Plan Documents and construction quote – After further development of the design we will draw scaled documents that will enable the landscape contractor to provide an estimate to build the garden and use as a template to carry out the work.
Garden Design Process Whitstable

4Stage 4: Planting Plan

Planting Plan – We will design a planting scheme to bring out the best of the garden design, this will be accompanied by an estimate for supply and installation of planting.

5Stage 5: Construction Commences

Construction commences – Fuchsia green keep in touch with you and the landscape contractors whilst the garden is under construction.
Garden Design Process Whitstable

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